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Poker - Coaching by a Pro

Poker - Coaching by a Pro

Poker - Coaching by a Pro

By: Xuan Liu


1 hour

Hi, I'm Xuan, a professional poker player with over $2.5M in live and online winnings. Poker is a game of skill and I will coach you on what hands to play, how to calculate your odds, when to bluff, how to play each position, proper bet sizing, 3-betting tactics, and much more! I believe one of the best poker coaching strategies is actually just to watch you play and give you real-time feedback. The other is to let you watch me play and explain why I am making each play. Whether you're looking to improve your cash game or tournament play, I will tailor my coaching to your preference and skill level.

*I will contact you via Skype and send a link to screenshare


Message Guide

To prebook a time, message the coach prior to purchase or, once you purchase, the coach will contact you via email to coordinate a time