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Poker - Casino Buddy

Poker - Casino Buddy

Poker - Casino Buddy

By: Eric Meunier

$25.00 CAD/person/person

2 hours for 1-2 people

So you wanna go play at the casino eh? But maybe you find it just a touch intimidating. No worries, I've got you. I'll meet you at the casino and show you the ropes: what stakes are offered, which tables are good action, how to get on the poker list, how much to tip the dealer, what the 'one chip' rule means, what a 'string bet' is... I'll even help get you your casino card! We will play for a couple hours and afterwards we can chat about certain hands you might like advice and coaching on.

Message Guide

To prebook a time, message the coach prior to purchase or, once you purchase, the coach will contact you via email to coordinate a time