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Slacklining - Team Building

Slacklining - Team Building

Slacklining - Team Building

By: Patrick Fournier


Duration: 2 hours

Slacklining is a great group activity as everyone can take turns and you can challenge one another to see who makes it further down the line. This experience can take place either indoors or outdoors as long as there is somewhere to secure a line between two anchor points, usually trees, rocks or posts depending on the location. 

*I suggest a max of 6 people/hr, so 2hrs will do for a group of up to 12 - so for bigger groups please purchase multiple experiences (ie. 4hrs will cater to groups of up to 24)

**Since this is typically done outside this experience is weather dependent (aim to start end of April)

Message Guide

To prebook a time, message the coach prior to purchase or, once you purchase, the coach will contact you via email to coordinate a time