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Access bite-size experiences by real people.  

You want to try new things. To have new experiences. Maybe find a new hobby. But HOW? Where in the world can you access these elusive experiences? Say you want to fly a drone, but don't know anyone with a drone... Sounds like your shit out of luck right Wrong. Cause guess what? We know a guy. In fact, we know a lot of guys (and gals!) with some pretty cool skills and hobbies they are excited to share with you.

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Whether an experience you'd like is not available yet, you're not ready yet, or we are not live in your city yet - just add the experience to your bucket list and I'll personally notify you as soon as it becomes available. How's that for VIP service?

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What if I told you you could turn your hobby into money? Plus, you get tons of karma points for creating new experiences to share with others. Now I'm not saying quit your day job. All I'm saying is why not make a little extra cash doing what you love. Sounds way better than driving in circles all day or having sleepovers with strangers now doesn't it? You get to show off while potentially changing someone's life by introducing them to something new they might never have otherwise had access to. Noble deed? Indeed!

Finally you don't have to be an entrepreneur, to be an entrepreneur.